Consumer Protection

Consumers often feel powerless, when they realize that a company is cheating or putting their health and safety at risk. We at Fleming Law fight to hold corporations accountable and to get them to change their practices.

Class actions are a powerful vehicle to level the playing field and to hold corporations accountable.

Myth: Class actions only make attorneys rich. If this was so, then we would see a lot more class action attorneys. Sure, there are some massive class action law firms that spend oodles of money on television commercials (yes, we've seen them too). But, Catherine Fleming started her own firm so that she could focus more on righting wrongs on behalf of consumers.

Fact: Often, class actions are the appropriate and only feasible vehicle for obtaining justice. This is because one lone consumer who has suffered monetary damages or bad faith practice of a company will not have a sufficient cause of action to hail a corporation into court. But, if that one consumer represents the plight of many, then voila...a class action is born. Likely, no one will get "rich" from a good result. That's not the point.

Please call us, if a company has sold you a bill of goods or services that makes you feel cheated, we would love to help make things right for you.

Serious Injury/Wrongful Death

No one ever expects a serious accident or a lifelong injury/wrongful death. But when you suddenly find yourself hurt because of someone else's negligence, seek legal advice. Fleming Law Firm offers a free 20 minute consultation and will let you know whether your case is one worth pursuing.

Because we only get paid, if we recover a settlement/verdict for you, everyone is better off knowing how strong your case is from the beginning. Also, because we limit our caseload (unlike most other firms), we only select those which are worth investing our time, money and energy.

Fleming Law Firm will make sure that you understand your rights, so that you don't settle for pennies on the dollar. Insurance companies, hospitals, and medical professionals are focused on protecting themselves and their financial interests. Let us fight for yours. Call 206.453.2558 to speak with an attorney immediately.

Privacy/Data Security

Data privacy and security continues to grow as an issue for individuals and companies. Many lawyers call themselves "privacy experts," but we offer decades' of experience from inside the trenches.

Whether you're a consumer who has suffered financial loss because of a data breach or a business who needs to understand if you're in compliance, contact us. Catherine Fleming is a member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals. She will soon have a CIPP-E, which demonstrates her in depth understanding and command of privacy laws not only in the U.S. but also in the European Union.

Ms. Fleming has spoken on national news programs, including CBS News, ABC News and HLN/CNN about data privacy issues. She loves to talk about privacy/data security and would love to chat with you about your questions. The invitation of a 20 minute free consultation extends to you. Email us at or tweet Catherine @MyPrivacyGuru.

Certainteed Roof

Certainteed Class Action (Active)

We filed a class action against CertainTeed for defective asphalt roofs. The common issue among all class members includes:

  1. Premature, significant degranulation (granules on the top layer of the shingles falling off in large, noticeable quantities)
  2. CertainTeed's denial to pay reasonable replacement costs for the 8 - 12 year roof, citing that the warranty excludes third and subsequent homeowners.

Regardless of your location, please contact us at 206.453.2558 or We would like to hear your story. Likewise, we will provide you with an update on our class action.

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Family Law

Our Family Law attorneys focus almost exclusively with helping individuals get the best result when preparing to separate and divorce their spouses. We have years of litigation experience and have a long track record that reflects our dedication to clients.


Why spend obscene rates when you can get high quality legal services at a flat rate or reduced hourly rate? Our attorneys help Seattle area Start Ups and small/medium businesses with , contract drafting/review/negotiations and employment related matters. Call us at 206.453.2558 for an initial free  30 minute consultation.


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