Meditations on my new law firm

We get perspective on what matters, when we look through the prism of time.

I love how time seems to slow, when you are up on a mountain. Just last week, I was able to enjoy skiing and taking in the beautiful sites up at Whistler in British Columbia. While up there on the slopes, I realized that this was a good time to start communicating more about my new firm, roughly 11 months after embarking on my new venture.

When I left my firm of roughly 10 years last spring, I opened my new firm with little fanfare. Friends and colleagues urged me to tap in on my marketing expertise to promote my firm. But I wanted to go a different route. Like getting accustomed to a new house before purchasing all of the furniture and artwork, I wanted to get a feel for what worked best for my new firm.

One thing I knew for sure: I wanted to focus more of my practice on consumer protection clients. As I had started to recognize the need to help clients whose lives were upended due to data breaches, my calling was to carve more time to devote to those types of matters.

But some people, including current consumer law clients, didn't realize that I was still taking on personal injury and wrongful death cases. Once I explained some of the cases that I was litigating, folks showed surprise and delight. They asked me if I could help them with their serious bicycle injury or car crash case. Another client was thrilled that I also handled bad faith insurance cases, as she had found herself a victim of a life insurance nightmare (after spending countless dollars on life insurance premiums for decades).

In upcoming posts, I will discuss a new practice area of Auto Dealer Fraud, which I've grown to appreciate as a plaintiffs lawyer. In those posts, I hope to help educate consumers on the Do's and Don'ts of buying a car. I will also share some insights on nursing home neglect and how to spot ones that you should steer clear from. Additionally, as I have some upcoming trials this year, I'll offer tidbits that might help current and future clients navigate catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases.



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