Lime to shut down its Lime Pod program by end of 2019

Lime Pod crashed into Fleming Law client's car
Lime will shut down its pilot Lime Pod car rental program, leaving Seattle roads safer by end of 2019.


In under a year, Lime will shut down its pilot car rental program by the end of 2019. Fleming Law clients are not shedding tears over this news, however. As reported by a number of news outlets, including GeekWire and KIRO News, lax security has allowed underage drivers and criminals to drive Lime Pods, sometimes resulting in violent crashes.

A Fleming Law client, Jonathan Gunning, sustained personal injuries as the result of an underage driver ramming into his car. In addition to totaling his Toyota Camry, Jonathan had to miss his own honeymoon because of injury to his back.

Other clients have also shared compelling experiences, all of which are now issues that I want Lime to address. Were you also involved in a Lime Pod incident? If so, let me know.

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