Lime Pod & bicycle accidents in Seattle: The numbers are climbing.

What's wrong with this picture? You find that a Lime car (aka "LimePod") has crashed into your car through no fault of yours. The driver of that Lime car has fled and you don't have that person's information. The only one who has information about the driver is Lime. But, no one at Lime returns your calls or emails. Meanwhile, you are faced with medical bills and a wrecked car. Your own insurance company does not want to pay because it's not your fault. This is exactly what has happened to a number of folks who I now represent.

If Lime continues to turn a blind eye to these issues and refuses to take responsibility, the City of Seattle needs to take a long hard look at allowing the company's bikes and cars available for rent. If you too have recently experienced an accident with a Lime car or bike, contact us.

Check back for updates, as we progress with our cases against Lime.

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