First Hill Streetcar negligent design: Ahrendt v. City of Seattle lawsuit

Fleming Law represents Daniel Ahrendt, a young man who was riding his bicycle to work, when his tire got caught in the First Hill Streetcar track.

More than three years after my client, Daniel Ahrendt, caught his bike tire in the First Hill Streetcar tracks at the five-way intersection including S. Jackson, Boren, and 14th Ave. S., he filed a lawsuit. The City had claimed, after the death of another cyclist commuter near that intersection, that it could make quick and simple changes. Yet, to this day no trace of improvements are visible anywhere near the intersection that almost claimed Daniel's life.

People have turned to search engines to find me in their quest to learn the status of Daniel's litigation. Since filing the lawsuit, I have started my own firm (I'll blog about that soon), as I continue to represent Daniel along with other personal injury and wrongful death clients. After the last call, only a week or so ago, I promised that I would post something here. Because the case is currently in litigation, I will only disclose what is publicly available.

Trial is slated for November 2019. We are currently in the discovery phase, which means that parties are taking depositions of Daniel, city transportation folks, and witnesses who offer unique perspectives regarding why the intersection at issue is so dangerous.

Significantly, Daniel does not want to get on a bike anytime in the near future. His left leg will never be the same, and he won't ever enjoy hiking or running in any meaningful way. However, he is grateful for his amazing family and wonderful network of amazing friends.

If you have questions about the litigation, feel free to reach out to me via email at cf (at)


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