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Catherine Fleming had a specific vision when she started Fleming Law Firm. Rather than stay at a larger firm or join another one, she wanted to build one from the ground up that did not depend on a constant and large stream of cases. In fact, her vision for the firm is to maintain a flourishing practice based on successes from a small number of current cases. Yes, this means strict criteria are applied for each potential case. It's not about the dollar value, but about whether the client has a compelling story or clear need for our services.

When Catherine began the firm, her favorite clients followed her because they knew that she was "in it to win it". She treats each client like a family member. They have a direct line to her and can email, call or text her 24/7. Clients always know the status of their case.

Meet the Team

Our core group of attorneys and professionals is a close knit team. The common thread: We love making a difference in people's lives and we are proud of our amazing work ethic.

Catherine Fleming


Ms. Fleming has tackled a wide range of cases at the firm. She brings an impressive array of talents, from wrongful death/personal injury cases to matters involving digital privacy/security.

In a massive data breach case, Ms Fleming is responsible for the inclusion of an amendment of the terms/release of the now approved nine-figure settlement agreement: Catherine’s push for the amendment will preserve consumers’ rights to pursue future claims and prevent a set of potential defendants from getting off the hook. In the end, the federal judge thanked her for raising an important issue and ordered parties to include an amendment to the settlement agreement to address Ms. Fleming’s concerns. This is just a recent example of how Ms. Fleming fights every step of the way with laser-focus on the best interests of her clients. Her clients love her because she fights for them like they are part of her family.

A few of her recent television appearances, include NBC Evening News with Lester Holt, interview with Anna Werner for CBS Evening News, CBS This Morning, CNN/HLN with Michaela along with virtually all of the local networks (excluding the PBS local affiliate). Full bio here.

Seattle Consumer Protection/Class Action/Data Privacy Attorney

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Based on the nature of your case, we may associate with select attorneys to ensure that we have more than enough resources to obtain the best results. Each attorney is carefully selected based on previous experiences and previous results with similar cases.

Note, regardless of the size of our legal team, you always pay the same price.

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